Sandwich panels are a kind of building material and are used to cover steel buildings, fixed or mobile refrigerators and prefabricated homes. These panels are made of two layers of steel or aluminium sheet and a fireproof insulating material (PIR) placed between these two layers.

The production line produces different types of insulating panels with different thicknesses and lengths.

The production is not limited to sandwich panels only, but we also produce accessories for panels or as know flashing, which is used to fill the spaces between the panels when installed. All measures taken to preserve the product after manufacturing as the surface of the panels are covered with a protective layer to protect them from scratching during storage and installation.

PIR sandwich panels are highly flame retardant, heat, water, cold, sound and moisture proof, it is characterized by its strong stiffness in relation to its light weight. The company was keen to provide a laboratory for product checks, as our products undergo quality checks before being supplied to the local market.


  • FM approved fire resistant foam polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam
  • Flame retardant PUR/PIR class b2
  • Polyurethane PUR b2 class
  • Density: 42-40 kg/m3
  • Thermal conductivity: PUR 0.023 w/mk1, PIR 0.021 w/mk1/mk1

Sandwich Panel Color

Sandwich panels come in different color, and all color are available upon request as RAL color and the stock color is white RAL (9002 & 9003) .